Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Other Side of Nowhere

This poem started with the first line... "On the other side of nowhere...." and it just started to build from there. I actually wrote it while I was weeding our small garden this afternoon, words spinning around in my head as I carried out the physical labor of pulling weeds. I didn't do much editing at all once it spilled out. It just seemed right.

This is for my soul sister and best friend, Ellen. Thank you for always being on the other side of nowhere.

The Other Side of Nowhere

On the other side of nowhere
Is an enchanted place
Where I find myself reflected
In the wisdom of your face.
When I’m lost in nowhere’s whisper
And no one else can hear
Will you come gather round me
And banish all my fear?
A labyrinth of mystery
All wound up in a knot,
My soul just keeps me wand’ring
In a place that time forgot.
But you are there to guide me
And be my anchor true,
On the other side of nowhere,
I find myself in you.
And when I lose direction,
Or question what is real,
All I have to do is find you,
And you know what I feel.
Whether close at hand or distant,
Across the many miles,
When I wrap myself in your love,
All I see is brilliant smiles.
Soul Sisters to the marrow,
We were born to be entwined
Your friendship now is golden,
The best friend I could find.

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