Thursday, May 8, 2014

Experimentation By Design

I have been experimenting with poetry lately, playing with variations on rhyme and meter. I was chatting with a friend today, and something in the chat - just a random phrase - made me say, "There's a poem in that!" So, here's the poem, experimenting with bold misuse of rhyme and meter. I don't know if it's a success or not, but it was interesting to work with it. And the poem is not about me, so don't fret! Although I wrote it in a strict meter, it should not be read in one....

Kaleidoscope Feelings

It took whiskey last night
To banish my fright.
As demons descended,
My visions amended,
And scrambled perceptions
Became my deceptions,
Distorted reflections
In a carnival mirror.

Reality bending,
Down paths ever wending
Condemned to be spending
In time never ending
The moments I cherish
While hoping I perish
Kaleidoscope feelings
Projecting my furor.

Awakening in me
a need no one can see
Incoherently seeking
The control that is leaking
Right out of my fingers
Their senses still linger
And no one can stop it
Or catch as it flitters.

My energy’s waning
But I’m not complaining
I’m seeking to find here
Some concrete reminder
That behind that silk curtain
are things that are certain.
I only want closure
Avoiding an error.

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