Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Musing

Christine Kern


Wind-spun, unravelling tapestries of gold

beyond my window pane

Promising wonders and splendors all untold

shall dry up all the rain.

In the careless wisps of cotton clouds I see

Figures of things to be

What I am, I was, and always dreamed to be

Float aimlessly and free.

I sit transfixed, and silently watch the show

Rainbows dance on the walls

The deepest thoughts of ages are here for me to know

they keep me enthralled.

My breath it comes in whispers, shallow and soft,

There is no sound at all,

hidden forest outlets, holding sky aloft,

reflecting on the wall.

Who knows what ancient myst’ries can be noted

In nature’s new-born call

I have the mystic’s knowledge here uncoded

Upon my study wall.

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