Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Burnished Brilliance

When I write, words tend to coalesce in my mind, floating around until they come to some magical resolution. Once I have a start to something in my head, then I take up paper and pencil and try to capture it as it spins around the vortices of my brain. It's really quite an interesting creative process. I do not really "create" so much as "translate" whatever appears to me. The poem below is one of these translations, that started with the first line poking me for attention for hours before the rest of the poem evolved.

Burnished Brilliance

I reflected at evensong,
As licks of sun drew ever long,
Casting shadows upon my face
Warming me in its embrace.

Burnished gold and scarlet fingers
Reaching out, the power lingers.
All remains of doubt are banished,
Like an early dew, they vanished.

As the dusk spreads slowly 'round me,
I know not how it has found me.
Drowning in my dark reflections
I was searching for connections.

Deep in thought I had shunned the world,
Wild emotions around me whirled.
Blind to those who tried to enter
Or to help me find my center.

The answer was so crystal clear,
Always there, so simple, near.
When you stop to smell the roses,
Life is more than one supposes.

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