Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Incredible Mother, the Lady Jane.

My mother and me.

My mother has always inspired me. She has always been there for us, always been our champions, a quiet but forceful supporter who taught me to fight for my place in the sun. She taught us well, and loved us even better, and showed me that the world is a beautiful place, despite its flaws. A brave survivor of lung cancer, she has endured much, and I just wanted to embrace her and let the world know how special she is to me.

So, Happy Mother's Day, Mom. This one's for you.

To My Mother, the Lady Jane

You told us stories when we were young,
To keep us attending.
We listened to buds pop,
As you sat pretending.
We created chains
Out of dandelion stems,
If I only knew now
What I didn’t know then.
There were always the books
To broaden our minds
And if we forgot,
You were there to remind.
So patient and true,
You nurtured us well
And taught us ourselves
To never undersell.
As the days flew by,
You gave us your knowledge,
And always assumed
That we’d go to college.
As we flew from the nest
Venturing out on our own,
You hoped that the seeds
Of true living were sown.
As we ventured out
To stand all on our own,
You softly shed tears
For your children, now grown.
But the roots that you laid
Those years long ago
Always lead back
To you, doncha know.

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