Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lost in Translation

Tattered and torn,
My soul beats ceaseless against
The rocks of the universe.
Bleeding and broken,
It weeps tears tangled with the
Tongues of tribes unknown.

Traveling through time,
Taken and tormented
By those who came before
And those who are yet to be,
It trips tauntingly through
The tangled tendrils there.

Soft souls speak,
Shouting soundlessly from the shadows,
Slithering stealthily
In silver silhouettes across the
Stained, sandalwood surface
Of my study floor.

Lost, lingering,
Lurking longingly in the laughter
Of the lovely lunatics that lather
Blathering in some long-forgotten tongue
Bellowing below the buxom moon
Hanging low in the lavender sky.

Time and space hang meaningless,
Mangled and commingled,
Moving in multiple dimensions
All at the same moment,
Dragging me deeper into the mire
That is my soul’s prison.

Starving for social sustenance,
Subsumed by sudden starts of sensation,
My soul surrenders to the sounds of something
Snatching, shaking, and stealing it away.
In that moment, my soul is transformed,
While my body steadfastly remains.

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