Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Osho Zen Lesson: Patience.

Today was a horrible weather day. It was cold, windy, rainy, and simply miserable. And I gave into my need to cocoon myself in the house. I stayed home, I did laundry, I cleaned, and I nourished my soul and mind with reading, nestled on the sofa with the dog and the kitten.

It was one of those days that I desperately needed to do something other than "real work." Every time I tried to open my writing, I got frustrated. I was getting nothing done.

Oh, and did I mention we lost power for a bit today, too?

I was feeling ungrounded, listless, directionless today. I felt as if there were a million things I should be doing, but just did not know how to begin any of them.

So, again, I turned to my Osho deck.

And again, of course, it told me just what I needed to hear.

Today's card was "Patience."

Here's what the commentary says about this card:

"There are times when the only thing to do is wait. The seed has been planted, the child is growing in the womb, the oyster is coating the grain of sand and making it into a pearl. This card reminds us that now is a time when all that is required is to be simply alert, patient, waiting. The woman pictured here is in just such an attitude. Contented, with no trace of anxiety, she is simply waiting. Through all the phases of the moon passing overhead she remains patient, so in tune with the rhythms of the moon that she has almost become one with it. She knows it is a time to be passive, letting nature take its course. But she is neither sleepy nor indifferent; she knows it is time to be ready for something momentous. It is a time full of mystery, like the hours just before the dawn. It is a time when the only thing to do is wait."

As I read that description, I kept thinking "yes!" It reminded me of the earlier post I wrote, here, where I talked about the beauty of the pearl.

It also reminded me that I have been full of just such a powerful "somethingness" lately. I have had this feeling that I am on the verge of exploding into something beyond words.

Patience has never come easily for me. It's part of the Pisces being. We move quickly, decisively, impulsively at times.

But now, I see, very clearly, that it is time to be patient.

To wait for what the world will bring me.

That is not to say that I expect that the path will not require work.

I know, whatever comes next, will be a challenging path. But I also believe that, if I am truly patient, the way will make itself known to me. I just have to open myself up and be ready for it to appear.

And the results, I believe, will be truly miraculous.

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