Friday, July 11, 2014

Life's Intricate Tango

Life’s Intricate Tango

I sigh
As life trips me backwards.
I smile
As life teases me forward.
One tiny step
Forced through the muck of life
Followed by
Three leaps in the opposite direction,
Like a great intricate Tango
Danced to life’s silent tune.

And yet
I keep trying,
Against the herculean forces
That would keep me chained to despair.

One step
Is all it takes in the right direction.
I hope
Until there is no more room for doubt.
I weep
Until there are no more tears left to cry.
And I pick myself up
To repeat the cycle anew.
Weary but determined
That I will not let the demons of destruction
Bar me from achieving my goals.

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