Friday, June 6, 2014

In Memory of those who gave their lives in WWII. Here is a poem I wrote in high school about the end of World War I. It seems appropriate today. (I also set it to music back then....)

It's Over Today
February 1983

It's over today.
The shells will cease to fall,
the bullets no longer fly,
and the battlefield's deserted.
But the shells of men
must return to life,
to a place no longer home.
For them the war
will never be over,
it rages within them still.
It's over today.
The war is ended now.
But war never really ends,
it lasts for years and years.
The scars it leaves are hidden
deep within mankind.
They're deeper than the physical signs -
those will disappear.
But the scars it left on men
will never go away.
It's over today,
the fighting's finished,
but the scars will never fade.
It's not over.

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