Monday, March 28, 2011

Elemental poetry

I have returned to my swim routine lately, and have been reunited with my elemental needs, as I mentioned in my last post. As I swam today, letting the water envelop me and rejuvenate me, I called to mind a couple of poems I had written about the elements, and thought it was an appropriate time to post them here.

Elemental Life Forces

Earth, water, wind, and fire
All come together to fuel desire
Each in turn empowers me
To be the goddess I shall be.

Wind, water, fire, and earth,
Together produce a sense of mirth.
A union of our sacred souls
Joined as one become a whole.

Fire, earth, wind, and water,
Come together to form my daughter,
Creative forces bring her forth
So that I may prove my worth.

Water, earth, fire, and wind,
Touches all beneath my skin.
These forces are what make me whole
They breathe life into my soul.

Life force

The pool enfolds me,
Cloaking me,
Its watery depths
As my body glides,
Embracing the liquid life force
That fills the pool.

The world recedes,
As life’s base rhythms emerge,
Breath roars in my ears,
The rush of water
Entombs my senses
Shutting out all else
And stoking the fires within.

Burning, churning,
Energy courses.
A lava flow,
Roiling up from the depths,
Waiting, ready,
To spew forth its power
In awesome majesty.

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Anonymous said...

Pls continue writing about empath related experiences!